The Dark Emperor ov the Shadow Realm

by Humut Tabal

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    Art layout and digital rendering by Mavro Asteri Studios.

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Debut full length CD release.

Recorded January 2011 at Horus Sound Studios, Hanover, Germany.

This new opus is an eight-track concept album that tells the tale of a misanthrope in a post-apocalyptic wasteland who experiments with established occult practices before looking solely inward and transcending the physical and spiritual bonds of the world and of human preconception.

Track List:

1. Across The Boundless Land Ov Death
2. Through The Forest and Twisting Shadow
3. Furious Winged Helldaemons Soar
4. Alone, In Purest Silence
5. The Misanthrope Ov the Barren Waste Becomes
6. Wielder Ov The Daemon Blade
7. In The Shade Ov Lord Satan's Wings
8. Dark Emperor Ov The Shadow Realm


released June 21, 2014

The Musicians-

Grimzaar: Guitars, Lead Vocals, Keyboards, Bass

Njord: Drums & Percussion

Hravan: Backing Vocals


The Production Team-

Studio: Horus Sound Studio (Hanover, DEU).

Markus Reuter: Head Producer

Adrian Benavides: co-producer/mix engineer/editor/sound designer

Lee Fletcher: Mastering/Mixing

Benjamin Schroder: Studio Engineer- Mixing

Merko Hoffman: Lead Engineer-Mixing

Mavro Asteri Studios: Artwork layout, design, formatting and digital image rendering, Dallas, TX, Jan-April 2014

Music and Lyrics by Grimzaar (RPS), Copyright (c) 2011
Wrazzzilian Publishing (ASCAP). All Rights Reserved.



all rights reserved


Humut Tabal Austin, Texas

Humut Tabal plays a style of black metal heavily influenced (but not exclusively influenced) by the Scandinavian black metal groups of the 80's, 90's, and 2000's , such as Emperor, Mayhem, Satyricon, and Dissection, as well as by the improvisational, serial and aleatory approaches of other musicians of the jazz, classical and progressive styles. ... more

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Track Name: Across the Boundless Land ov Death
Upon the endless steppe ov sorrow
Braced strong against the winds of frost and time
Where frozen mist and shadow dance and whisper
Where ancient icy tears once fell like dreams

In the realm ov lonely spirits
Caught by winter's bleak caress
Cloaked in sorrow, I shall journey
Across the boundless land ov death

Misery, my timeless friend
My worst fear is that you depart
To the mountains I shall go
Where the cold and endless shade shall grant me peace

O cold! The primal state ov nothingness,
Hear my mute and worthless plea!
Send the winds that bring destruction
When I am destroyed I shall be free!

But the winter winds do not harm me;
They grant me strange and nameless strength
The shadow-spirits bid me continue
To the grim mountains where I shall rest

The voices ov great men slain in battle
and greater men slain by time and frost
guide my through the fog and endless shadow
with their wisdom I am never lost

Misery leaves, and with it goes my fear
I am filled with dark and ancient might
In the land where the sun itself is cold
I live to scorn and hate the light!
Track Name: Through the Forest and Twisting Shadows
Through the forest and twisting Shadows
Death calls thy name as ye walk
Starlight blocked by the winter clouds
Never shalt thou see the sun again
Blinding snow ye cannot see
Pray for Death to set ye free

The songs of spirits tempt thy ears
Begging thee to stop and die
Though tonight thou shalt join them
Thou resisteth with all thy might
Forest-dæmons grasp thy soul
Thou shalt die in biting snow

Your struggle is worthless, your life is gone

O'er dæmon-song thou hearest a voice
that strikes thee numb with fear
The Serpent-Lord, Satan himself
Promising thee life and riches

Thou cryest for mercy as life escapes
Thou beggest for life, but it's too late
Satan steals thy final breath
Thou enterest Hell through frozen death!
Track Name: Furious Winged Helldaemons Soar
Furious winged helldæmons soar
gripping mighty blades ov war
Fiendish souls and dæmonkin
ride on blackened firestorm winds

The god ov Darkness, Hate, and Flame
Returns from the astral plane
He kills the false and worthless gods
Upon their foul temples he trod!

Slaying putrid devotees
Praying wildly on their knees
They curse they ways ov Self and Man
These foul words they shall not speak again!

Their prayers mean nothing, yet still they kneel
Before a god that is not real
The vermin drown in a blazing lake
Wondering why their gods forsake

Thus Satan comes to reign
with Chaos following in his train
Teaching men ho to be free
of sacrifice and piety

Lust and Wrath this new earth has found
A place where freedom has no bounds
Where sin is void, and pleasure ample
Where men are gods, and virtue is trampled

No mercy is shown to the salvation-mongers
They burn in Hell with pain and hunger
At last aware that their god is false
and that Satan is god of all

And in this way, Eternity passes
the "holy" past is burnt to ashes
Through Death and Hate and perilous war
Satan is god, master, and lord!
Track Name: Alone, In Purest Silence
In purest silence shall this wisdom come to me...

Conquered foes lie quiet in endless sleep
Silenced forever by wrathful steel and flame
Razed by hateful fury, waste this land has become

The walls of great cities reduced to ashen rubble
Nations, like mankind, have fallen
The wise no longer speak their wisdom,
for none live to hear it

Yet in this darkest age I strive
to attain the boundless power ov the ancients
Mystery deeper than the human soul awaits my yearning

And I hunger for this truth
While the weak struggle for existence,
I search in solitude

By my own immortal will shall I find the gem ov knowledge!
No mortal man can impede my chosen course
I shall claim destiny and be its master
And I shall prosper and dwell where no light exists!
Track Name: The Misanthrope ov the Barren Waste Becomes
This barren waste filled with sickness
Where shines no sun, shines no sun,
Here is the place where no men live
save only one, only one
He needs no star to show his path
or light the skies, light the skies,
In darkness, where most men perish,
is where he thrives, where he thrives

He slew the beasts that men call morals
one by one, one by one
Now he lives by a self-forged code
his Will be done, Will be done
Loneliness strikes not his heart
He is strong, he is strong,
He will survive when all else dies,
when all is gone, all is gone!

In this waste filled with sickness
Where shines no sun, shines no sun,
He will survive when all else dies,
when all is gone, all is gone!